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Welcome to Bamboo House

Our Story
At Bamboo House, our goal is to always serve fresh,healthy. authentic Asian Cuisine. Knowing that our dining guests’in the Franklin and Cool Springs area straight-forwardly recognize and comment on quality dining experiences-vwe want to begin by thanking each of you for your positive comments and continued support. That being said, we are very fortunate to have two very talented chefs.Chef Yin, our Chinese and Thai chef from He Nan Province(south of Yellow River)and Chef Rui,our Japanese chef from He Bei province (north of Yellow River).
It is from the extensive travels and experiences of our two chefs that our wide variety of culinary traditions and dining choices are derived and as you can see,our menu features a wide variety of Chinese.Thai and Japanese cuisine.So whether your choice will be FRIED NOODLES(LO MEIN,MEI FUN,PAD THA),RAMEI or UNDON,TERIYAKI or HIBACHI,Or a CHINESE ENTREE,you can always be assured that your choice wil be a freshly made,authentic. delightful meal.